Alexei Ulyukayev: Russia in the near future will present ABII its first project in the field of transport infrastructure

“Russia in the near future intends to submit ABII its first project in the area of transport infrastructure”, – said the Minister of Economic Development Alexei Ulyukayev on completion of the first session of the Governing Council ABII.
“One project will present in the near future, it is in a high availability”, – he said, noting that in this case it must be a high degree of readiness and to arrange all financially.
According to him, Russian borrowers is not much interested in having to borrow in foreign currency. “Therefore, a balance is not easy, but there are already projects that meet these criteria,” – said the head of Russia’s economic department.
A working group for the selection of projects in the Ministry of Economic Development with the participation of colleagues from the Ministry of Finance and the Russian Direct Investment Fund, “and is preparing other projects, which will also touch and transport and energy infrastructure, and possibly in the area of environmental protection projects.”
At the same time the Russian side submitted proposals, according to Alexei Ulyukayev, will address “infrastructure, which should ensure the rectification and simplifying the delivery of goods between China and Europe.” In this sense, Russia is a transit country, the Minister said.
Funding from ABII projects to build high-speed railway “Moscow-Kazan” and upgrading “Bama” and “Trans” was discussed in May at a meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin with head ABII.
“We will work, but the mandate of the bank, he takes small projects – 100-150 million dollars, -. So we will isolate some areas we discussed and co-idea, because there is a new BRICS development bank, which is located in Shanghai,. EDB is our – it will be possible to concentrate on one project several development institutions, “- said Minister of economic development of Russia.
Thus, he said, and for the institutions of the risks will be smaller and larger projects can enter. All about the same funding framework for projects that they take – is 100-150 million dollars.. It is possible synergies, said the Russian minister.

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